Our Story
You’d be forgiven for thinking that such a beautiful and idyllic place as Neuchâtel was nothing more than a tourist destination with only it’s attractions to show— you’d be wrong.

For centuries, Neuchâtel and its neighbours, La Chaux-de-Fonds and Le Locle, on the western side of Switzerland, have been at the heart of watchmaking, and therefore made for a perfect destination for the KG&S brand.

What better place to start our horological journey. The 17th century might actually be considered late to watchmaking when you think that records show as early as 1554 that watchmakers were working in Geneva—not a million miles away; and even they were at least a century behind the first recorded makers of mechanical timepieces, across the borders in France.

That said, it didn’t really matter that the Jura mountains weren’t the first to bring watchmaking to Switzerland. The truth is, there’s always going to be debate over who was. The one fact that remains though is that even to this day the region is very much still at the heart of watchmaking, albeit on a smaller scale than its sister regions, who produce giants such as Rolex, Patek, and other better known names.

A view of La Chaux-de-FondsSo now we know a little about why we chose Switzerland, let’s look more into our evolution...

KG&S was born by accident as a result of one man’s diagnosis of a Brain Tumour. He decided that rather than dwell on the negatives of such a condition, he’d choose to turn this into a positive by putting his lifelong passion of horology, and his desire to raise awareness and funds for research of both brain tumours and cancer with which his wife suffered breast cancer to work. He chose to use social media as a platform to combine both passions with little or no idea this was to turn out the way it has.

“For every goal there has to be a target, for every target there has to be a reason for the goal.“ (Green: 1988.)

This was the driving force behind our brand, for as already mentioned, it was more accident than design that the brand was created. From a seedling of a thought—a metaphoric oak tree has grown.

But as with all trees, they must be nurtured; sown on a solid foundation so to speak. It was here our now sister company Biatec came into play. One of their founders Peter Kožár was kind enough to donate one of his pieces for our fundraising. We were so impressed that we got into dialogue which was to the very existence of our brand. We quickly figured out that we could benefit from Peters’ strategic position, both in location and experience. A partnership was inevitable and thus formed.

Biatec’s Headquarters in SlovakiaBut with the best will in the world, to achieve any level of success would take huge resources, from the workshops to the warehousing and distribution. Everything costs money. Biatec had already been in play for a few years and could cater for our storage and distribution, but more importantly for us was a third phase— third door quality control. We were more than impressed by Peters’ eye for detail, and that was something we simply couldn’t overlook.

KG&S was beginning to form a solid foundation with what was adding up to be many decades of experience in manufacturing and distribution. We had autonomy with Biatec, yet synergy, in that we could form a creative think-tank of like minded enthusiasts and designers. We could play off one another’s strengths and create what we believe will come to being a game-changer in the watch industry. Something we at KG&S all look forward to.