The Genesis is the First Ladies Watch our brand has embarked on creating. Made from the purest of materials we think the Genesis speaks for itself.

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The simple mention of religion can evoke debate of evolution and from whence we come. One only need look up to the stars to evoke thoughts of just why we are, who we are, and whether we really do go to the skies we are told are heaven. It’s such a provocative thought that we might actually come from somewhere so distant and the stars we gaze at just might be more than bright lights in the sky. It was a discussion on this very topic that the ‘Genesis’ was born.  

As a design team at KG&S we are a think-tank determined to have meaning behind our timepieces. They need to have reason, they can’t just be a timepiece with one purpose. Using diamonds and Swarovski crystals we surrounded a dial of Aventurine that represents the planets and stars. The moon-phase is set into a minimalist design purposely uncluttered of Indices. As with the moon that depicts night, the time needs no measure. The Genesis will no doubt be a conversation starter and a piece not out of place in the most formal occasion.