Made using flawless deep blue Aventurine the crystal dial calms and balances the emotions. It is an extremely positive stone which can promote tranquillity which is demonstrated in this unique design. Presented with a delicately set moon-phase cut into the dial surrounding itself, with a plain brushed steel finish, the Genesis (undressed) is the perfect choice for the discerning wearer, and a perfect ‘His and Hers’ match for the ladies model, although, this could quite easily grace the wrist of the sophisticated lady.

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Many watch enthusiasts are aware of time being told by phases of the moon and sun. Simply put, time is as clear as night and day—yet what most may not know is that there are records of civilisations observing heavenly events to tell time that date back over 30,000 years ago. As with most subjects, many schools of thought claim title to the use of astrological events to measure time and distance, but that’s not for us to debate. Instead we’ll point you to interesting articles here and here.

Zoom in to observe Celestial Stars used to measure Time

So with the above in mind we go to the term used almost universally, where we refer to ‘the heavens’ for answers to problem solving. It’s on that path we tread. The ‘Genesis of time,’ when God created earth. From that moment time began. It would be wrong not to pay tribute to this, and what better way than through a piece that epitomises nothingness in a naked dial that reaches out through the use of the indices into the plain brushed bezel. But that wasn’t enough.

By careful design and placement we applied hour markers in a way that creates the illusion of drawing you into the dial— into space. The ‘Genesis Undressed‘ proves the perfect pairing for our ladies Genesis model below, our Adam and Eve so to speak.